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About Oporo

Oporo is a true Common DATA Environment (CDE), where users can create federated BIM projects in the cloud and start to bring all the Information together to provide an intelligent single dataset for each project.


Oporo gives Project users, Building Owners and Facilities Managers true benefits from the building information modelling process, by giving access to an innovative technology.


Here are some of Oporos features.



As a project platform, Oporo has the ability for users to upload multiple files from building information modelling projects in both Industry Foundation class (IFC) and XLS COBie format to the cloud. By allowing users to do this by discipline, Oporo creates a single data set of all the created project information, also known as federated BIM data.



Information exchange is the transfer and sharing of project information. Oporo gives projects the ability to complete the full Information Exchange requirements (COBie) from the Federated Data and provide project wide data drops for all the information you have complied at any phase.



BIM Asset management is a strategic approach to managing assets identified through the process and to enable the achievement of project deliverables. OPORO enables the realization of value from the assets by translating these deliverables into Digital Asset's, that can be maintained.



BIM demonstrates its exceptional benefits when combined into a Facilities Management. Oporo can be a continuously updated repository for all the information & documents collected, making it a virtual O&M manual for Facilities Managers. Having up to date, accurate maintenance information, the manager can make well informed decisions regarding the building, including spaces, assets and their maintenance history.

People that design and construct using BIM technologies

For those that must comply with the UK mandate to provide delivery through BIM, Oporo is an ideal choice to do this and standards such as the UK’s PAS 1192, Statsbygg BIM manual from Norway and COBIM from Finland support this way of thinking and working.

People who already do or want to maintain using BIM technology.

Oporo can be specified to be used to deliver your project through Building Information Modelling, the project delivery team build and collect your facilities data in a recognised structured format.

Deployment is quick and simple, we can deploy your project or portfolio server with geo-location and the size of your project not an issue, as Oporo is highly scalable.

Oporo gives companies a competitive advantage, by benefitting from the features bought by cloud deployment including:

  • Reduced Capex

    Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow.

  • Flexibility

    Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If your needs increase it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity.

  • Security

    Your data is stored in the cloud with enterprise level security features, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine..

  • Increased collaboration

    All data and informaiton in a single place, allowing users, groups and team acess to the single dataset, ensuring everyone is working to the same information.

  • The ability to work from anywhere

    There are no geographic limitations, If you have an internet connection you can be connected, companies can be more flexible and teams can be connected.

  • More environmentally friendly

    Migrating to the cloud means fewer machines and less hardware, which translates into lower cooling and space requirements, presenting businesses with the ability to help lower consumption of energy, reduce their carbon footprint

Irrelevant of the size, number of users or projects, Oporo is a scalable solution.
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Enterprise, Goverment or Educational

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IFC Viewer

The Oporo IFC viewer is a free desktop application to review geometry and data contained within Industry Foundation Class files (IFC)

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    Review Geometry

    Open and view data and geometry from Both IFC 2.3 and IFC 4.0 schemas.

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    Export COBie

    Export, review and validate COBie in multiple formats, before uploading to Oporo.

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    More powerful tools coming soon.

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